Small Vertical Relief, 1974/75

Ritzi & Peter Jacobi


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Small Vertical Relief, 1974/75  

Horsehair, goat hair 

200 x 100 x 20 cm



About this work

As is typical of the Jacobis’ productions, abstraction throws the emphasis onto materials and process, and we see a field of action made visible. That feeds into how the gravitational fact of hanging is emphasised by the trailing threads of a wall piece which, at this size, suggests an animal pelt or a cloak made from one. They have also spoken of the attraction in retaining a certain sketchiness in what is actually the final, finished work.


Peter and Ritzi Jacobi met as textile and sculpture students respectively at the Art Academy in Bucharest, marrying in 1966. Until they went their own way in the 1980’s, they collaborated on textiles while developing other separate practices. Their relief tapestries make new experimental and sculptural forms inspired by the Romanian traditions of finely woven blankets, flags and wall hangings and medieval religious embroidery. Anni Albers identified a particular tactility in textiles, arising from how what you see is a direct consequence of the material’s make-up: the Jacobis heighten the effect, often adding contrast by integrating paper and adding to the surface texture by weaving in non-traditional elements such as woven boxes, thick cords, and pieces of wood.

Oval Pillow, ca. 1971/72
Red Textile Relief, 1979
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Edge of Darkness, 2013

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