Lenin's winter attire, 2017




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Lenin’s Winter Attire, 2017 


Fur and mixed media

33 x 20 x 20cm


About this work


Yudina quotes Lev Rubinschtein: ‘Sleep, Lenin, our dearest, / Hushabye, a-bye. / Quietly the bright moon / Is looking at you in the Mausoleum.’ Or, to put it more directly, ‘wrapping the leader, the communist brutalist, up with fur is a taming of macho power by the feminine…  The blond beast puts the grey-haired monster to sleep within the cradle of oblivion formed by a coat of Siberian snow!’


Siberian artist Natasha Yudina (born Tomsk, Russia, 1982) has a delightfully straightforward reason for wrapping her sculptures in fur: it’s very cold in Tomsk! So ‘art in Siberia needs to be warmed up’. That foregrounds fur’s comforting aspect. But, as she points out, the brute fact is that it’s the skin of a dead animal – or person: it is estimated that there were over 400,000 political prisoners in Siberia in the 1930’s: 130,000 of them were shot, quite apart from those who starved or succumbed to the cold and disease. Her sculptures have a savage potential for irony.

Venus in fur, 2017


Venus in Fur, 2017

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Warm letter, 2017


Lenin’s Winter Attire, 2017  

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