Sun, 1989




EUR 8,000 + VAT


Sun, 1989



120 x 65 x 5 cm

About this work


Sun is part of a cycle of works developed in the 1980s in which Ziman transforms her raw material into an object of study. The daystar itself, simplified and stylized, suggests an ancestral sunrise or sunset, the metaphor of an endless beginning. Perhaps there’s also a play on how a woolen blanket might substitute its warmth for the sun’s, between the end of one day and the start of the next.




Magda Vitalyos Ziman (1942-2003) was a Romanian-born artist of Hungarian descent, known for tapestries and wallhangings: her sensuous works investigate material engagement, scale, light and color through highly personal use of abstracted organic forms. Both Ziman’s fascination with natural materials – various threads, including the wool featured here – and her creation of object-tapestries at the interface of two and three dimensions can now be seen to anticipate the subsequent recasting of textiles as soft sculptures.