Heinz Mack (b. 1931) is a prominent German artist who works across many art mediums, best known for his constant experimentation with the effects of light as the central theme of his minimalist and monochromatic aesthetic, exhibiting internationally since the late 1950s. In 1957 alongside Otto Piene (1928‒14), Mack co-founded Group Zero (195766), a movement embracing a complete break with traditional art making of post-war Europe, and is acknowledged for his contribution to Op Art, Light Art and Kinetic Art of the 1960s. Mack explored the movement of light and its reflective properties by creating luminous sculptural and structural paintings, metal reliefs out of polished stainless steel and denting polished aluminium.


Rotor, 1960/62

Rotor, aluminium, wood

54 x 54 cm / 49¼ x 49¼ x 16½ in

Heinz Mack
Dynamische Struktur

Dynamische Struktur, 1958

Acrylic on wood

17 x 22 cm