Günther Uecker (1930) is a German sculptor and installation artist. As a young artist in 1960, he joined the ZERO group with Heinz Mach and Otto Piene. The ZERO group set themselves against German Informel and he contributed to it with his works in light, optical phenomenon and the effects of kinetic motions such as oscillation. After the ZERO group disbanded in 1966, his focus shifted to using nails as a medium for his pieces. Uecker used the nails to work with the themes he had during his time with the ZERO group, especially that of light and kinetic motion.


Untitled (Dots), 1959

Ink on paper

29 x 23 cm


Plus-Minus-Nul (Objekt und Zeichnung), 1968

Nails on tinplate on wood

15 x 15 cm each plate, nails 7 cm, overall 62 x 62 cm