Baumstamm Überwucherung, 1973

Günter Weseler


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Baumstamm Überwucherung, 1973  

Rabbit fur, electromechanical control, driftwood

223 x 120 x 113 cm



About this work

This breathing object, emerging from what the title terms a ‘tree trunk overgrowth’, is a good fit for Weseler’s own observation that ‘When the objects are placed in the middle of a wall they seem relatively abstract…  Hidden in a corner they feel at home, at times as though lurking there. Crouched on a tree trunk they become its parasite; they can spread the horror inside the human body, preferably in the throat, like a malign tumour.’


Günter Weseler is known for his ‘Atemobjekte’, or ‘breathing objects’. They arose from an interest in breathing which he describes as ‘neurotic’ as, due to a throat illness any agitation or physical exertion causes him breathing difficulties. In the time of Covid-19, of course, we might think of ventilating machines.  Since the mid-1960’s, Weseler has secluded himself in Düsseldorf to make indeterminate animal forms which seemingly live to breathe – apparently unable to do anything else – rather than breathing to live. He likes these to ‘nest’ in the home alongside their human hosts. They are appealing yet disquieting: the furry familiarity of the nursery soft toy meets the science fiction tropes of invasion and genetic distortion – Weseler often terms them ‘new species’.  How will such guests develop, and what might they do?

Having a Cup of Tea, no. 108, 1975



Having a Cup of Tea, no. 108, 1975

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