Having a Cup of Tea, no. 108, 1975

Günter Weseler


EUR 5,500 + VAT


Having a cup of tea, no. 108, 1975  

English porcelain mug, electromechanical control in rabbit fur

25 x 15 cm



About this work

Weseler’s play on Méret Oppenheim’s Le Déjeuner en fourrure, 1936, runs with the animal aspect of the famous surrealist object. On the one hand, a comical evolution of the complaint which has triggered so many jokes: ‘waiter, there’s a fly in my soup!’ On the other hand, a somewhat sinister incursion of the living wild into the domestic sphere which makes us more than reluctant to accept the title’s invitation.


Günter Weseler is known for his ‘Atemobjekte’, or ‘breathing objects’. They arose from an interest in breathing which he describes as ‘neurotic’ as, due to a throat illness any agitation or physical exertion causes him breathing difficulties. In the time of Covid-19, of course, we might think of ventilating machines.  Since the mid-1960’s, Weseler has secluded himself in Düsseldorf to make indeterminate animal forms which seemingly live to breathe – apparently unable to do anything else – rather than breathing to live. He likes these to ‘nest’ in the home alongside their human hosts. They are appealing yet disquieting: the furry familiarity of the nursery soft toy meets the science fiction tropes of invasion and genetic distortion – Weseler often terms them ‘new species’.  How will such guests develop, and what might they do?