Horses, 1979



EUR 12,000 + VAT


Horses, 1979



185 x 175 cm


About this work


This chromatically restrained tapestry invites the viewer to read the equine into a combination of triangles and rectangles which might more readily bring to mind the pattern of dazzle camouflage. It is possible to see the largest of the dark brown forms as a horse’s head, ear, and neck in profile. Are we glimpsing a syncopated march-past of cavalry, rendered somewhat cubistically, the negative shapes gave equal weight to the positive?


Charles Chamot (born, Lima, Peru 1951) is a gallerist – notably running the Chamot Gallery in Jersey City, New York for a decade from 1996 – as well as a designer, painter, and artist in paint, textile, and digital media. He has spoken of a fascination with art’s reflection of relationship, experience, and memory. His wool tapestries typically apply the repetition one might expect on rolls of commercially produced textiles to colorful symbols somewhere between abstract shapes and computer icons, often implying movement as if they are screenshots from a video game ready to move on.