Fragile Surface (Mutterkuchen)–2019-003




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Fragile Surface (Mutterkuchen)–2019-003 2019


A knitted basket with unravelled fabric, wooden frame

49 x 49 cm


About this work


Excited by the invention, in Mutterkuchen, of the new system with a basket knitted with the unravelled fabric, Tezuka has adopted it in the latest of the ‘Fragile Surface’ series, ongoing since 2009. Now the transformation of the surface of the textile to make its structure apparent is emphasised by the extraction of two colours to form a basket – which also reads wittily with this fabric’s pattern as a lepidopterist’s net.


Many post-modern painters have found ways to deconstruct the canvas: Aiko Tezuka, who studied painting, applies what she learned to textiles – from antique fabrics to fashion brands to her own designs. She fastidiously extracts threads from the fabrics, sometimes re-weaving them to both de-create and re-create the material’s structures and narratives. The appeal, Tezuka has explained, is to investigate ‘what makes up the surface’, ‘what things could I see behind the surface’ and ‘how could I embody these things behind the surface into my work’. Time, she says, could be one of those things, and the unravelling allows her to ‘figuratively reverse time while making the invisible time visible’.

Mutterkuchen – 04 (Circulation), 2019


Mutterkuchen – 04 (Circulation), 2019

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Loosening Fabric #6 (Entangled)


Loosening Fabric #6 (Entangled) 2017

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